KDrama: My Thoughts on Thumping Spike (두근두근스파이크)

Starring Song Jae Rim and Hwang Seung Eon
20 Episodes
Sohu TV, 2016
Sports/Romance Comedy

I have been obsessed with watching Cool Kiz on the Block tackle Volleyball. When I found out there was a drama involving the sport, I had to check it out! Ended up marathoning the entire series on DramaFever in one day. 

Synopsis from DramaFever: Despite always coming in last, the Daehan High School Volleyball team aspires to reach the top. After a misunderstanding with the team captain, volleyball goddess Se Ra (Hwang Seung Eon), is stuck coaching this floundering team in order to dodge a potential lawsuit — however things aren't any easier when Daehan's star player, Jae Woong (Song Jae Rim) and Se Ra are constantly butting heads. Full of love for the sport — and increasingly, love for Se Ra — can the team turn around their game?

Part sport, part comedy, and part Noona romance, this was a very entertaining way to spend my afternoon. There were several familiar faces and several new ones to me as well. If you enjoyed Flower Boy Ramyun Shop or have been watching the Cool Kiz Volleyball tournaments recently, I think you will enjoy this web drama. 

Don't let the number of episodes fool you. Each episode comes in under 20 minutes, which is perfect if you're looking for a quick fix. I just found out there will be a second season with a new cast, so I'm looking forward to that.

If you've seen this drama, let me know what you thought! I hope you are all doing great.

Until Next Time, Take Care & Smi-Le Always!

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Image Credit to DramaFever

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