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Color Street: End of the Month Special

Mother's Day is just around the corner and since it's the last day of the month, I have a special going on in my Facebook group today only! Help me reach my goal and give the gift of gorgeous nails ^-^

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Yarn: Yarnie Update 2 | April 2018

I'm back with another Yarnie Update! I'm going to try to get a Yarnie Update posted at least once a month. Hopefully I'll be able to show you some finished objects in each video, but I am a pretty slow knitter and crocheter just so you know ^-^

Show Notes:

Sesame Street Beginners Crochet Along from the CGL Crochet Graph Lobby here

Elizabeth Coat by Tatyana Zhigalkovich

SewVirgo's Transcribed Pattern for the Elizabeth Coat here

Novel-T by Laura Nelkin

Novel-T Knit Along with The Grocery Girls from Off Our Needles on Craftsy

The Bakery Bears Podcast (Kay Jones)

Bakery Bears Cottage on Etsy

Otterly Adorable Knits on Etsy

Books: My Thoughts on Lake Silence (The Others #6)

Lake Silence by Anne Bishop
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Really enjoyed being back in this world! Though the character focus was different, the world itself was just as interesting. Though I really tried not to compare how I felt about this book to the first set of novels, I do feel like this one didn't have the same draw for me as the books set in The Courtyard. That being said, I still enjoyed this one a lot and I'm curious to see where the following books will go. It doesn't seem like we'll stay with Vicki for multiple books, but that won't bother me because I think companion novels will be great for future installments.

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Books: My Thoughts on Off Kilter (Scottish Highlands Mysteries #1)

Off Kilter by Hannah Reed
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Read for #Book1CoziesClub

What an enjoyable read! Took me a bit to get around the accent but I really enjoyed the landscape. Looking forward to the next one.

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#MarchMysteryMadness: Wrap Up and Update

I'd say #MarchMysteryMadness was a success! In this video, I talk about what I thought about the books I read during March, as well as the books that I'm currently reading. Thank you to all the participants and hosts. I look forward to the 4th Annual March Mystery Madness in 2019! Don't forget that just because March Mystery Madness is over, that doesn't mean that you have to stop reading mysteries ^-^

Books: My Thoughts on The Dollmaker (Forgotten Files #2)

The Dollmaker by Mary Burton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Really enjoyed this one, about as much as I did the first book in this series which is a rare thing for me. Second books usually let me down, but this one surprisingly did not. Though the characters this installment follows are different, the beginning of this book has an appearance from characters in the previous book so I thought that made a good transition. This story kept my interest all the way through and as pieces start to click into place, it just got more interesting for me. I will need to check out this author's other works also as these stories really have caught my attention. Looking forward to getting into the next one in this series.

I did receive a copy of this book from a Goodreads Giveaway, but that did not affect my opinion or review at all.

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