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Knitting: Putting Together My First Knit Pattern

Four years ago, I knit a hat based off one I saw on the Korean Drama "You're Beautiful".  It was the first time I ever tried to knit something without instructions. The first hat I made had the right stitch and construction, but it just wasn't floppy enough.  I got it on my second try. Feeling pretty accomplished, I offered what I called my pattern notes to anyone who wanted it. I got three requests, but none of those people have knit the hat yet...that I've seen anyway.

I decided recently that I would like to release these pattern notes as an actual pattern so I've been trying to convert the wording to read more like a pattern.  I've been asking other knitters I know who create patterns, for advice on how they go about releasing a pattern, and it's been really helpful. If you would like to see a picture of the hat, it is below:

Any fellow Korean Drama Addicts or Knitters/Crocheters out there? If so, what are you currently watching or creating?