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Book Blurb: Passion (Fallen #3) by Lauren Kate and Reading Update

It has been a while since I finished a book that wasn't a manga! This review is for the audiobook version. Goodreads is not posting it to my blog as I believe there are a few technical issues, so below is the review I left on there for this book:.

I gave this 2 stars but I would say this was more like a 2.5 star read for me. The additional half star would definitely come from the last 10% of the book. 

This was a VERY slow listen for me. I've listened to the audio version of the first and second installments as well, but this one just grated on my nerves. I found Luce to be very whiny. I think if I had read it on a page, it wouldn't have irritated me as much as it did listening to it. I believe it also says something when you're listening to a book and you're constantly saying out loud "You're an idiot!" (in regards to Luce) LOL. I did that a lot during this listen unfortunately. 

Once Luce got over her insecurities about Daniel's love for her thoug…