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Book Blurb: The Awakening and The Reckoning (Darkest Powers Trilogy #2 & #3) by Kelley Armstrong

So, here we are with another combined review. I've continued the theme of "finishing series I've started a long time ago" with these two books. As with the Wonderous Strange Trilogy, I read the first installment of this series, The Summoning in 2010. The first book I did enjoy, but was not in a rush to complete the series when I was done.
I found these books on Scribd as audiobooks recently and jumped back into it. At first, the narrator did not agree with me one bit. I had even put myself on the waitlist at the library for an e-book copy of The Awakening because it bothered me so much. I ended up trudging through while I was waiting and by time I was near the end of the second installment, I was okay with the narrator.
The Awakening was enjoyable but I did not find it to be as good as the first and third installments.It may also have to do with a certain character that irritated me (Tori). For a good portion of this book, the characters are on the run from The Ediso…

Book Blurb: Darklight and Tempestuous (Wondrous Strange Trilogy #2 & #3) by Lesley Livingston

I finished these two books recently, and instead of doing separate reviews, I thought I would combine them. I listened to the entire series on audiobook, which was narrated by the author. I listened to the first installment, Wondrous Strange, in 2011 and did not continue reading the series until last month. I am not usually one to start a series unless all the books are out (or close to being out) and I have access to all the books. I admit that I do not do well with cliffhangers and having to wait. I am the same way with my Korean Dramas.
This was a rare situation for me as, I had only access to the first installment at the time I started the series.I liked the first book and the ending did not leave me with an urgent need to seek out the next installment, which was great considering my situation. I found that the series was available on Scribd recently and I decided to finish it. 
As with the first book, Darklight was also enjoyable.Nothing specific to point out, just enjoyable. Ho…

Crochet: Baby Pooh and Tigger Picture Blanket

Why hello there!  Just wanted to stop by and share with you my most recent finished project. This is the super secret project that I mentioned a few months ago.

I made this for my niece. It took me 11 months to complete and it measures 38 inches tall by 48 inches wide. I bought the chart from an Etsy seller called StarSquared. You can find her Etsy shop here. I then added the small ruffle border and my Mom backed the blanket for me with some yellow marble fleece.

Now that this has been completed and gifted, I am starting another picture chart for the TotalleCAL2015! I'll be posting my progress here as I go. I won't say who or what the picture is of, but maybe you can guess as I go along.

Hope you are all doing great and until next time, don't forget to Smi-Le Always

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