Books: My Thoughts on Fire & Ash (Benny Imura #4)

Fire & Ash (Rot & Ruin, #4)Fire & Ash by Jonathan Maberry

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a great end to what has been an amazing series. I am not one for books or shows about zombies, but this series offers so much more than a story filled with gore. It's a story about family, a story about how far you'd go to save the ones you'd love, and a story about true friendship.

The series offered a pretty diverse set of characters and the last two installments of this series explored a religious aspect, which I found interesting and believable. The series comes full circle here and all the ends were tied up nicely. I highly recommend this series and look forward to reading the author's Joe Ledger series soon.

Read as part of the #bookbuddyathon and completed two challenges - read a book with your buddy and read a book that you really want to read. This also counts towards my #finishingtheseries challenge as my third finished series of the year.

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