Anime: My Thoughts on Prince of Stride: Alternative

12 Episodes
Sports, Comedy, Slice of Life
Watched on Funimation

Stride is a sport where two teams of five runners compete against each other, relay style, in a town environment. There are obstacles along the way where runners can perform stunts for flare and audience entertainment, but they are optional and no points are awarded for performing the stunts. The runners wear ear pieces that link all the runners to each other and their Relationer, who observes the race from a tablet and is able to tell the runners how far ahead they are or how behind they are. The Relationer's job is also to tell each runner when to start their leg of the race.

At the beginning of this anime, Hōnan Academy's Stride Club is almost extinct. They don't have enough members to have a competitive team so they team up with the Shogi Club (that literally has only one member), to keep both clubs alive. When Nana and Takeru come with a passion to bring the Hōnan Stride Club back to life, they are still short a member in order to enter competitions. Just so happens there is another new kid at school who should be a perfect fit - but he doesn't want to join the Stride Club! Now it's up to Nana and Takeru to convince Riku to join the team or their dream of being part of the once famous Hōnan Academy Stride Club will be gone for good.

I'm not into a lot of sports type shows, so when my daughter kept telling me that we should watch this, I finally gave in. This pulled us in on the first episode and we loved every minute of it. Stride is such an interesting sport and I think I would really enjoy seeing it done in real life, thought it would probably be super dangerous, especially if the stunts were utilized.

Throughout this show, we were always rooting for the Hōnan Academy Stride Club. Though you want to believe the club will be successful in the endeavors, you're never left with a secure feeling. It's something that I think made watching this so much more enjoyable. You don't take for granted that everything will turn out great and want to keep watching to find out what the final result is.

If you liked Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, I think you'll like this anime. There are similarities for sure, like the fact that the club is practically extinct when the show starts and the fact that they need to recruit that one last member in order to enter competitions. Even some of the character's personalities are similar between the two animes. In case you're wondering, I enjoyed Free! as well ◕‿↼

Well, that's all I've got to say for now. Let me know if you've watched this anime and what your thoughts are on it.

Until next time, Take Care & Smi-Le Always!

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