Books: My Thoughts on The Death of Mrs. Westaway

The Death of Mrs. Westaway The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hovering between a 2.5 and 3, this was a disappointing read for me. I had picked it up because I was going to go to a real life book club to discuss it, however after I started reading it, the story didn't grab me and I ended up putting it down for a period of time. That being said, I didn't finish the book in time to go to discuss it at the book club. This was probably a good thing, looking at how I feel about the book now that I've finished it.

This was not suspenseful or thrilling for me. That's probably where a good portion of my disappointment is coming from, as I had set myself up for something of that nature when I first began reading this. This was mostly family drama. Though there was a little mystery element in it, it wasn't enough for me to be curious or invested in the story at all. I had expected the mystery element to be bigger than it came across to me. I ended up figuring out what was going on a little past half way through the book and then it was a wait until I could see if what I thought had happened, actually did.

I do have other books by this author, but I think I'll wait a bit until I pick another one up. I need to put myself in a different frame of mind before I read another one I think. I expected something out of this book before going into it, and because that wasn't met, I was left disappointed.

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