Books: My Thoughts on The Great Turkey Caper (Agnes Barton Holiday Mystery Novellas #1)

The Great Turkey Caper The Great Turkey Caper by Madison Johns
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

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Synopsis (from Goodreads): As Thanksgiving approaches, the holiday is not the only thing on everyone’s mind in Tawas. Bagging the huge, yet elusive, tom turkey is—with a prize of five thousand dollars. That is, until the body of a meter reader turns up on Bernice’s property shot with an arrow!

Agnes is flabbergasted. Not at the murder, but at Bernice trying to drag the body off her property. When Bernice’s reputation as the cat lady is finally unveiled, she joins forces with Agnes and Eleanor to solve The Great Turkey Caper.

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This book was just ok for me. I probably should've read the original series before picking this up, but because it was a holiday themed book, I really wanted to pick it up during the season. This did not have a character summary or any back story at all. It just jumped into this story like a continuation of a series, which is not a bad thing - but for me it was just slightly. I found it odd that there wasn't any backstory or anything because I've found with other series I've read that there would be at least a little in a sequel, but this had none. That made it really hard to connect with the main characters because I didn't know where they were coming from.

I found the style of questioning to be more like how a teen would go about sleuthing rather than an adult. I also didn't understand why people were so willing to provide the pair with the answers they were seeking instead of questioning more as to what their authorization to question them would be. That whole part of the story was very unrealistic to me. After reading this, I'm still not sure what their qualifications are past the fact that they've provided tips to the police in prior investigations, which lead to cases being closed.

This was a very fast read for me and I probably could've picked it up in a day if I didn't only read a couple chapters at a time. Other than the above points, the story was interesting enough to keep me returning to it and I didn't figure out who the culprit was until it was revealed, which is always a good thing. I will be trying the author's paranormal series with this character next as I think that may be right down my alley, instead of starting with the first in the regular series.

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