Books: My Thoughts on The Lost Symbol (Robert Langdon #3)

The Lost Symbol (Robert Langdon, #3)The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Though this book took me quite a while to get through, I did enjoy it quite a bit. I listened to almost the entire thing on audiobook and though the narrator was just ok, the story kept me wanting to know what happened next. It even escaped my mind that the story took place over the span of several hours and not days.

There were definitely things I could've done with less of, like the several points where our villian's physique is described. I seriously didn't need to know about it to the extent that the description was given. The way Sato handled situations got under my skin a bit, too. That being said, I did find it interesting learning about the topics this story explored and I will be moving to the next one shortly.

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