Sunday, January 3, 2016

January TBR including #TBRTakedown 3.0

I'm participating in #TBRTakedown 3.0 as well as doing several buddy reads this month!

I'm still trying out editing software to include pics of books I don't have physical copies of. The one I used for this video allows me to keep the pics up the entire time I'm talking about the book, but the video doesn't fill the screen. My other software lets the video fill the screen, but only lets me keep the picture up for 6 seconds. Let me know if you have a preference on how you see the pictures, thanks! #TBRTakedown 3.0 Announcement video here

Linkys after the break!

Other books planned for the month:
If you are interested in trying out a Scribd subscription, you can use my link to get two months free here