Tuesday, August 25, 2015

KDramas: Bride of the Century

I have been on a Kdrama slump all year. To date I think I have only watched 6 or 7 dramas this year. My average is about 20 dramas yearly. If you've read my previous posts on Kdramas, I did have a watching streak a couple months ago, but I haven't watched a drama since July. You may also notice that I watch my dramas a lot like I read my books. I do not usually watch a drama or read a book when it first comes out and I will usually wait until the entire drama is done or most of the books in a series are out until I start it. This might explain why I haven't gotten around to this drama until now. Let me tell you that this drama was so good, I not only started it this weekend but I also finished it! It's been a very long time since I've been able to say that about any drama.

The drama I'm talking about is Bride of the Century with Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sun. The story revolves around Choi Kang Ju, who is the eldest son and heir to the Taeyang Group, the largest conglomerate in South Korea. His family is said to have been cursed the last hundred years, that the first bride of the eldest son will always die. At the start of the drama, Kang Ju is engaged to Jang Yi Kyung, the daughter of the CEO of Ohsung Corporation. This engagement was arranged by their parents and Kang Ju is very cold and indifferent to Yi Kyung, going as far as to tell her that she is his puppet.

It is not long after this incident that Yi Kyung decides she wants to have nothing to do with Choi Kang Ju and disappears. Yi Kyung's mom gets anxious because she needs the relationship with Taeyang Group to keep Ohsung Corporation afloat. Luckily her stepson Yi Hyun has just met Yi Kyung's doppelganger Na Doo Rim, who saved him from a falling brick at his construction site. Yi Hyun and his step mom scheme a plan to have Doo Rim step in to impersonate Yi Kyung until Yi Kyung is found. Only because Doo Rim needs the money to pay for her grandma's hospital bills, does she accept.

Doo Rim is the complete opposite of Yi Kyung. With a bright personality and warm smile, she slowly but surely she starts breaking down Kang Ju's walls and he begins to fall in love with her. As the story progresses, the curse becomes more and more prominent. First there are rumors and then flash backs to what happened to Kang Ju's father's first wife, which make the curse more believable. This throws a whole new situation into the story and scheming between Yi Kyung's mom and Kang Ju's mom begins. Of course, Kang Ju still has no idea that the person he knows as Yi Kyung has been an entirely different person!

This drama has everything I enjoy in a drama - a bit of mystery, a bit of paranormal, and a bit of romance. Sure there were some instances where I thought things were happening that weren't believable (how can you not know that your fiancé has been swapped out with another person!), but I still enjoyed this drama immensely. Everything was wrapped up nicely I thought and the soundtrack is awesome. I will definitely be adding it to my collection.

My next drama? I have been recommended Oh My Ghostess by a few of my drama watching friends recently. I watched Episode 1 last night and it does look like a winner. Will report back once I'm done.

Until next time, Take Care and Smi-Le Always!

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