Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Books: First in a Series Cozy Mystery Book Club

In light of the #SaveOurCozies Readathon that's coming up, I've been seeing a ton of cozy mystery series and authors that I am not familiar with. It's been making me want to try them all! I have several series already on my shelves that I haven't started (a few of them are pictured above), and I have a ton that I've added to my To Read list just from joining the Save Our Cozies Readathon. I will be making a conscious effort to read at least one first book in a series every month and which will help me get acquainted with more cozy mystery series and their authors.

I thought that maybe I wasn't the only one who was interested in trying out more cozy mystery series, so I thought I'd start this book club in case others might want to join me. My thought is that we'd read one book each month and at the end of the month (or whenever you finish the book) you can link up your review via hashtag on your favorite social media site, or we could do a group on Goodreads. I'm pretty sure there isn't a book club out there like this focusing on first books in cozy mystery series, but let me know if there is!

I don't think I'll start until August, which would give anyone joining in a chance to discuss what series we'd like to start and give us ample time to pick up the book if we don't already own it, or I can just choose one at random. If you are interested in joining me, please let me know! You can leave me a comment below or send me a message on any of my social media sites.

I hope you are all doing great!

Until Next Time, Take Care and Smi-Le Always

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