Monday, April 6, 2015

Crochet: Baby Pooh and Tigger Picture Blanket

Why hello there!  Just wanted to stop by and share with you my most recent finished project. This is the super secret project that I mentioned a few months ago.

Pooh and Tigger Blankie

I made this for my niece. It took me 11 months to complete and it measures 38 inches tall by 48 inches wide. I bought the chart from an Etsy seller called StarSquared. You can find her Etsy shop here. I then added the small ruffle border and my Mom backed the blanket for me with some yellow marble fleece.

Pooh and Tigger Blankie

Now that this has been completed and gifted, I am starting another picture chart for the TotalleCAL2015! I'll be posting my progress here as I go. I won't say who or what the picture is of, but maybe you can guess as I go along.

Hope you are all doing great and until next time, don't forget to Smi-Le Always

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