Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Shopping: Haul from Image Beauty and Fashion

On Valentine's Day, I decided to get me a few presents  o((*^▽^*))o I'll list all the products at the bottom of this post.

There were a couple products from the Kose Sekkisei line that I had been interested in picking up last week on our trip to Mitsuwa. This particular line is for whitening and the products are all locked in a glass case or behind the sales counter. Understandable, because the products are pricey, but this also means you have to get help from a sales associate to purchase the products. Unfortunately, no sales associate there wanted to help me. I went to the counter 3 times and I could not get help from anyone standing behind the counter, not because they were busy (because there were no other customers at the counter) but they just didn't want to help me I guess.  Their loss because I found another store that carried the products I was interested in.

Hello Image Beauty and Fashion! I had found them (or I should say they found me) after liking one of my photos on Instagram. I saw that they weren't too far from me so I decided to take a little trip to visit them. 

I was looking at the Kose Sekkisei skin care and went to pick out my products when I was approached by the sales associate. Thank goodness I asked her about the products because I almost made the mistake of purchasing the extra moisturizing version of the lotion/toner (which I definitely don't need). I thought that the Sekkisei Excellent Line had more whitening properties, but it has more moisturizing properties. She also let me know that with a purchase of $65, I could get a free gift and showed me the gift which was a sample set. 

I also bought the mask which made my purchase eligible for the free gift. My daughter and I continued to walk around the store and we saw that the Darkness Lashes were Buy 3 Get 1 Free so we picked up a few. My daughter also found a hand cream she liked, so we picked that up as well. 

Upon check out, the sales associate also offered me some samples to try. I received 4 packets of Cure Natural Aqua Gel Exfoliator, along with verbal directions for use, and 4 packets of Complete Choice Color Change Cream which is like a CC Cream. 

All in all my experience at their store was excellent and I will definitely be back to purchase again.


  • Kose Sekkisei Lotion 12.1 fl oz
  • Kose Sekkisei Herbal Esthetic (Brightening Mask) 5 oz
  • Darkness Lashes in VZ, LA7, LA6, and LA 4
  • Aroma Resort Fine Apple & Gardenia Hand Cream 70 grams
  • Kose Sekkisei Gift Set containing Clear Cleansing Oil 1.1 oz, White Liquid Wash 0.67 fl oz, Lotion 24 ml, Cream 0.2 oz, and Herbal Esthetic Brightening Mask 1 oz
  • Cure Natural Aqua Gel Exfoliator samples
  • Complete Choice Color Change Cream samples
I also found The Face Shop in the same shopping plaza and I'll post the haul from that store separately. Have you tried any of these products? Please let me know if you have and your experience with them

Until next time, Take Care and Smile Always!

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