Thursday, February 5, 2015

Book Blurb: When by Victoria Laurie

I devoured this book in just a couple hours. It was in 2013 that I discovered Victoria Laurie's books at my local library. I dove right in and read all the books in her Ghost Hunter Mystery series and have been a fan since. As expected, I loved this book and do recommend it, especially if you like a little supernatural with your mystery.

This story is about a high school girl named Maddy, who can see a person's date of death just by looking at them, whether it be in person or from a picture.  She had been able to see the numbers floating on people's foreheads since she was small, but it is not until her father dies tragically that her family realizes what the numbers mean. As the years go by, Maddy's Mom becomes an alcoholic and to make ends meet, she starts advertising Maddy's gift.  For a small fee, Maddy begins doing readings for these clients from a small room at the back of their home. Would I want to know what date I would die? Probably not, but there are people who would. One day, a client comes in regarding her daughter who is in the hospital with cancer. Happily, Maddy tells her that her daughter will live a long life, but then Maddy catches a glimpse of the woman's other children from a photo that was in her wallet..  She tells the woman that one of her sons will not live as long as her other children.  In fact, his death date is next week!  This of course doesn't fly to well with the client and when her son disappears the next week, guess who becomes the prime suspect in his disappearance?

This book is marketed as Young Adult.  There is no love triangle, no hot and heavy high school romance or anything like that.  There is a little bit of violence and bullying present.  I also enjoyed exploring if it was in fact possible for one to change their fate throughout the book.

Though this is a stand alone book, I can see the possibility of it turning into a series.  Truthfully, I would be super happy if there are more installments featuring this cast of characters.

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