Monday, February 9, 2015

Book Blurb: No Ghouls Allowed by Victoria Laurie

I mentioned that When brought me out of my reading rut. So much so that I jumped right into this other new book by the same author! No Ghouls Allowed is the 9th installment in Victoria Laurie's Ghost Hunter Series.  You would think that with series of this length, things start to become less interesting than they were when you first started the series, but that is completely not the case here. I really enjoy this series, not only for the spooks we are introduced to, but the places and of course, our Ghost Hunters. 

This installment takes place in Valdosta, Georgia which is MJ and Gilley's hometown. Our Ghost Hunters are supposed to be taking a break from their job, but when MJ's father's fiancé mentions that she's been having strange occurrences at the mansion she has bought and is now trying to renovate, MJ offers to take a look. It becomes apparent that this spook has some kind of connection to MJ's Mother's past. The mansion itself also has history of it's own in the form of a child that went missing several decades ago. The ghost busting commences as our team finds out what the spook's connection is to MJ's Mom and if it has another connection to this missing child.

I was a little concerned before I started reading, because several people had stated that this book was super scary.  The scariest book in the series even.  I'm one that can usually handle a semi-scary book, but I absolutely can not watch a scary movie.  Not knowing how my imagination would amplify the scenes I would be reading about was the concern.  Thankfully, this book was not as scary as I anticipated it to be, at least not to me.  I guess my mind keeps a good leash on my imagination so I can sleep at night LOL.  That being said, this book did not let down my expectations of it being an excellent read.

There are several mentions in the book of a local ice cream shop.  This of course totally made me crave ice cream while I was reading.  If you like ice cream, I'd suggest that you have some on hand when you read this book. You may also want a tissue or two as there are a couple scenes where you may need them.

As I have finished the most current installment of this series, I look forward to jumping into Victoria Laurie's Abby Cooper Series while I wait for another Ghost Hunter Mystery to be penned.

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